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                   What is the Master Class project?

Edna Kannan's Master Class encompasses a method proven with hundreds of students, in 42 countries, for more than 15 years.

- Via ON - LINE you will have the exclusivity of a private, specific, personalized and very effective training with Edna Kannan, an exclusive time where you can ask all your questions.

- It is ideal for both beginners and advanced (Artists, Teachers and Students)

- You will have an intense training, but really EFFECTIVE: with theory and practice.

- The Master Class is taught in Spanish and includes face-to-face translation by a professional for the English language

and French.

- You will have a Certificate of Studies.

- The Subscription is 100% safe and guaranteed.

Hundreds of students from Europe, Asia and America have been students of Edna Kannan, such as: Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia, United States, Canada, Uruguay, Chile, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Ecuador, Spain , France, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, India, Lebanon, Thailand, Japan, Korea,
China, Australia, the Philippines, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

The Course consists of:

- Personalized Training for 2 days.

- Each class consists of 3 or 4 hours

- Via ON - LINE (zoom or face time)

- You will know all the secrets to paint Realistic Eyes on porcelain.

- Taking as a reference a previously chosen photograph, and in a guided way you will paint an Eye.
- The purpose is to get you to perform your highest level in a fast, simple and efficient way.

           What will you learn in the course?

- Theoretical - Practical Technique

- Observation method

- Specialization in "Eyes"

- Exercises to understand: volume, contrast, backgrounds, shapes, etc.

- Smoked in Brushstroke

- Degradé (Degraded)

- Lights and shadows

- Drawing / Tracing

- Mastery of Temperatures (Fire)

- Preparation and Mixing of Pigments

- Proper handling of Brushes (Flat, Stippler, Liner, mop, etc.)

Requirements / Materials:

- The image chosen to paint must be of excellent sharpness. Indispensable.

- High quality mobile phone to observe all the details of the class.

- Your Favorite Brushes: Liners, Planes, Stipplers (Goat's Foot), essential with very soft hair.

- Open oil (Oil that does not dry)

- Brush cleaner

- Small Porcelain Tile

- Pigments: different colors (skin tones, browns, pompadour, deep black, black blue, black green, cyan).

- Red (or black) pass-through paper

- Spatula

- Rubber Pencil (Gomín)

- Scotch tape

- Lint-free napkins

- Pair of scissors

- Led Light Lamp (or good lighting)

- Tripod for phone (not essential, but it simplifies mobility)


- Special oven for painting on porcelain, (If you do not have it, you will have to get someone to bake the piece. Generally, Ceramic or Glass Companies have this service).


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To check date and availability

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Important Notes:

- For ethical reasons, it will not be possible to record, reproduce or share the Master Class.

- In case of cancellation due to force majeure by Edna Kannan, 100% of the payment will be returned to the student or a new date will be planned.

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